Mexico-RED is the new public facing name for new work in many areas in Mexico for Children of the Americas, which is a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization in the USA (DBA Americas Children and Mexico-RED). We depend on public donations to continue working with the children. Almost all of the support we receive comes from individual donors either directly or through workplace donations.

We take all the support we receive and our mission to the children very seriously, keeping our administrative and fundraising expenses to a minimum. You can help right now, knowing that your gifts are really going to the children! Donate online for children in need. (View our Donor Privacy Policy.)

Making a donation through our secure server is fast and easy, and when we receive your donation. You can also donate a vehicle (car/truck/RV) from anywhere in the U.S. Our service picks up the vehicle and handles all the paper work.

It’s easy to help these kids. Thank you so much!

Designated Giving: To make a special designation specifically for our General Fund, Keith Durkin, Punta di Mita and Pastor Saul Garcia, or our Mercy Ministry, please select this donation button specifically on our Donation page.  If you are mailing a check to the address below, please indicate your designation on a separate note when mailing a check (not on the check itself).

Donations must be received in our offices via U.S. Mail, or posted to our online giving platform by December 31st of each year to be included on that year’s statement for tax purposes.  We mail or e-mail annual statements by the IRS deadline of January 31st of each year.

Please choose from one of the donation options below.

DONATE ONLINE: To make a secure, on line donation click the donate button to the right and donate online for children in need.

DONATE BY CHECK: To make a payment through the mail, please make checks payable to Children of the Americas and mail to the following address:

Children of the Americas
10924 Oro Vista Avenue
Sunland, CA 91040


DONATE YOUR VEHICLE: To donate a car click here