Designated Giving – One-Time or Monthly

Select from the sections below which ministry area and specific designated giving you wish to be the focus of your donation.  If you do not wish to designate, then choose the “General Fund” in any of the sections below.

FOR LARGE DONATIONS please mail a check or contact our office for wire transfer information. This will help avoid steep transaction fees applied by PayPal.

Mexico | RED
10924 Oro Vista Avenue
Sunland, CA 91040

TELEPHONE | 818-813-1984

Give to Christmas and other Holiday Events

Donations directly support funding specific holiday events organized to bless the community of adults and/or children at the Zona Norte Community Center. These funds will directly help provide food, decorations, gifts, logistical expenses, and other expenses specific to the holiday event.

Give to our Safe House Campaign

Donations directly support funding to acquire a property/house to establish a safe house – this house and property will provide a base of operations for the ministry to include a safe place for staff, a safe launching pad for teams, and a safe transition house for families and children in transition.

Give to Mexico-RED General Fund.

Give to Mercy Ministry, which is to fund outreach needs for Zona Norte Center in Tijuana, Mexico. 

These funds are used to aid people who are facing a crisis or life challenges and need medical treatment, food and clothing, short-term expenses, mental health or addiction treatment, etc.

Give to directly support Keith and Maya Durkin